Best app for ration information mera ration app Gujarat Govt.

When poverty is seen more in our country, we know that we get the benefit of many assistance and schemes from the government. It is very important for us to have knowledge to continue getting the benefits of these schemes. 

To raise the level of poverty in our country and to provide food grains to poor families, government ration shops have been started and from these ration card shops we are given food grains at cheap prices. 

At the cheap grain price shop, we get things like wheat, millet, rice, sugar at concessional rates. And if your ration card is bpl then you get many benefits in this scheme. 

The government has launched an app for the fact that the shop of your ration card does not know how much grain comes in your name. From this app you can see the quantity of your ration at home. You can get information at home about how much grain you are entitled to and what is eligible. 

The name of this app is mera ration and this app is released by Gujarat government. The government has launched an app for the benefit of the customer so that the customer can get information at home.
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