Gujarat government took a big decision for farmers after heavy rains

It has been raining in Gujarat for a long time. Many dams have overflowed, rivers and ditches have overflowed. There has been heavy rain in the southern region of Gujarat and farmers have suffered a lot due to heavy rain. 

Due to heavy rains in Gujarat, the crops of farmers were also damaged, many farmers' crops were cut. When there was a threat of heavy rain in about 175 talukas of Gujarat, many people's cattle and houses were destroyed. 

The Gujarat government has declared importance for farmers to meet the economic loss of farmers. The Gujarat government has ordered to survey the system regarding the crop loss caused to the farmers. And after the completion of this survey, it has announced compensation to the farmers who have suffered losses. 

The Government of Gujarat has allocated Rs. 17.10 crore for this assistance. Assistance has also been announced for disposal of water and solid waste in cities.
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