In Cow Naktarana, a devotee of Shiva comes to the temple and gives milk automatically.

We know that now when the holy month of Shravan of Hindus is going on, a cow in Nakhtrana is also a Shiva devotee. This cow came to the temple early in the morning and gave milk automatically. Everyone was surprised to see the wonder of nature. 

In Bhadli village of Nakhtrana taluka, a cow like a Shiva devotee comes to the temple from the beginning of the holy month of Shravan and stands there and after standing there, if we put a vessel under its udder, it automatically flows milk.

Seeing this cow, all the devotees were surprised and believing it to be a miracle of Lord Shiva, the priest took the milk of this cow in a letter and anointed Lord Shiva. 

The villagers are watching this incident with anxiety and people are coming from far and wide to see the worship of the cow. The villagers say that since the month of Shravan has started, the cow has been coming and worshiping Lord Shiva every day.
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