No worries if the light goes out during monsoon, this bulb will continue for four hours after the light goes out.

Currently, many things are available in the market, before people used to use kerosene lamps in their homes, but day by day electricity was invented, people started using light bulbs, when the light bulb was invented, simple light bulbs came, but as technology progressed, LED bulbs also came. came and went

At present we see led bulbs and led tube lights in every house but currently the rainy season is going on and there are many problems of power cuts in the rains, when the lights go off, we get confused. 

But now you don't have to worry if the light goes off in your house even if your bulb doesn't go off because now battery charged bulbs have also come in the market. Interval LED bulbs have entered the market and are currently selling very well. The features and price of this bulb are also great. And talking about bulbs, there is halonix prime 12w intervals rechargable led bulb and it is also being sold online.  

This LED bulb is different from the bulbs we have at home, the bulbs that we have at home turn off when the power goes off, but this bulb does not turn off and it does not last for five to ten minutes, but for about four hours. This bulb comes with a Lithium Aryan battery so it gets charged and then it turns on automatically.
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