Heavy forecast for next 48 hours storm government also alert.

While many times the weather department has predicted rain and storms, again the weather department has predicted heavy storms in Odisha.  Following the forecast, the government has also become alert and different teams have been deployed. 

There is a threat of severe cyclone in the state of Odisha till October 22 i.e. before Diwali. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the Shea Wave is active in the Andamar Sea and its surrounding areas. The Meteorological Department has said that on October 22, Cyclone She Wave will turn into a Central Bengal Depression.

After next 48 hours on 23rd or 24th October, Cyclone may turn into Cyclone over West Bengal area. Ahead of the cyclone, the Odisha government has ordered senior officials to be on alert in cyclone-prone areas. The leave of potential hurricane officials has been cancelled. An alert has been issued in coastal areas.  

ગુજરાતી માં માહિતી માટે અહી કિલ્ક કરો 

NDRF teams have been deployed in the coastal areas of Odisha and people have been appealed by the system not to go to the beach. In the wake of this storm, the government is also struggling, the administrative system has been ordered to stay at home. Nothing will be affected in Gujarat or the coast of Gujarat due to this storm.
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