When the BJP campaigning car got stuck, the Congress car was pulled out

We know that currently the preparations for the elections have started in Gujarat. When all the parties have started preparations for the Gujarat elections, they have also announced their lists of candidates. Candidates are going door to door for their campaign and requesting people for votes. 

Currently, a video is going viral on the social media in which the election campaign vehicle of BJP got stuck in the mud and that vehicle was pulled out by the Congress vehicle. Candidates come to campaign in our area too and we must be seeing them. 

BJP has announced the list of 160 candidates for the Gujarat assembly elections and Congress has announced the list of candidates less than that. People are curious about who will win the assembly elections of 2022.

At present leaders and their people are campaigning in villages and streets. Then the people of BJP went to a village to make a breach and the people were happy to see that the Congress people pulled out their car after it got stuck.
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