Adopt this home remedy if the lips break out in winter.

There are mainly three seasons in our earth cycle which are winter, summer and monsoon. We know that in summer we suffer from heat and in winter we suffer from cold. Many times we have the problem of chapped lips in winter. If the lips are chapped, we are very disturbed. 

With the onset of winter, along with health, sometimes health problems also arise. Some people face the problem of chapped lips when the effects of winter start to show. Lips become dry. There was no tea at this time, but the gift often starts moving around, moistening the red lips, due to which it freezes back on the lips and they begin to crack. 

We are very worried about chapped lips in winter so how can we treat it at home Apply petroleum like coconut royale or cream at night while sleeping it will keep your lips soft Always remember to use lip gloss while applying makeup  do

The two main causes of chapping are internal and external due to lack of vitamin B and C and the result of air season constant blowing of cold wires all these things are responsible. 

To eliminate the problem of chapped lips, increasing the consumption of green vegetables, butter, cucumber, soybeans and lentils in food, all these things remove the vitamin deficiency and protect our lips from chapping. Apart from this, while massaging oil in the morning, put three-four drops of oil in the navel so that the lips do not get chapped.

Grinding cardamom mixed with butter twice a day and applying it continuously for seven days also cures chapped lips by crushing a rose flower and applying it with some cream or milk.
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