This company's recharge plan is the cheapest and has a validity of 365 days

We have a mobile with us and we can do all the work easily through this mobile but we also use sim card in our mobile because without sim card we cannot use phone or internet. 

Any company's SIM card is used but we have to recharge it. Earlier the recharge plans were cheap but now the recharge is also becoming expensive. We need net in any sim we use, so we have to do expensive recharges. 

We all use mobiles and nowadays life is not possible without mobile and internet in it. In such a case, the phone bill in India may increase soon. Telecom companies airtel jio and vi may soon increase their bill prices. Against the price hike of the telecom company, there is a telecom company that has many plans that fit the budget of common people.

India's telecom company BSNL is offering free calls and 2 GB data per day with one year validity for the recharge car price of Rs 797. This plan is not offered by any other company in India.

If you are also using SIM card of BSNL then you can benefit. BSNL has brought its best plan in which you get 365 days i.e. one year validity for just 797 rupees.
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