Bird voice amazing technology. Touch the bird to hear a sound.

We know that nowadays every technology has increased. Smart phones have also come with us and every modern convenience is a marvel of technology. We also get every modern convenience like every vehicle and electricity. 

Many creatures and animals live on our earth. These animals are found all around us and in the forests. We may see animals and birds but we don't know what their sound is like. 

There is a website on Google where you will find many pictures of birds and animals on one photo. If we zoom in on these birds and touch them, you will hear their sound. You will have a lot of fun on this and you will get to know the sounds of each bird.
Your kids will also have a lot of fun with this. Children's knowledge will also increase. Many cartoons and comedy come in mobile for entertainment of children but due to this children can get addicted to mobile. You will have a lot of fun on this website.

 પક્ષીઓના અવાજ સાંભળવા- અહી ક્લિક કરો

Birds are considered to be the toys of the earth. Many species of birds are also found in our country. Also many species of birds are found in African and other countries. Today we will hear the voice of each of those birds.
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