Can use electricity when recharged like a mobile.

Currently, technology is advancing very fast, we are seeing many tools and innovative things. Our mobiles and computers are also a part of modern technology. Mobile is very useful and work item for us. We can watch any news or information from our mobile at home.

We need electricity to use any electrical thing and to use this electricity we have electricity meter at home in which the bill comes as much as the electricity we consume but now this is not the case now we use electricity meter even our mobiles. It has to be recharged in the same way as we recharge it.

The central government has undertaken the installation of smart meters in every state. In which Saurashtra and Kutch have been selected under West Gujarat Power Company in Gujarat. PGVCL has started work in this regard and installation of smart meters will be started in May. First of all, these meters will be installed in transformers of PGVCL, then in government offices and then in June and July, electricity consumers will be installed.

• How much benefit and how much loss to electricity consumers from this meter.

Smart power meters will be installed in estimated more than 50 lakh connections in Saurashtra. The price of this smart meter is 8 to 10 thousand rupees. But this charge will not be collected from the electricity consumer. After installing a smart meter, information about electricity consumption will be available from a mobile app. The customer can see how much electricity he has used from his mobile phone.

You can see how much electricity you use every day by analyzing it on your mobile. So that you can change the unit price in the next days when there is less consumption and when there is more consumption.

The biggest thing about this power meter is that after the smart meter is installed, it will be recharged in the same way as we recharge mobile and d2h. If you don't like recharging your mobile then you can recharge it by going to the mobile shop.

You may also be thinking that what to do if the recharge runs out at midnight MD of PGVCL said that the customer need not worry if the recharge runs out during the night. The customer can also recharge the electricity meter like the mobile whenever he wants.
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