People thronged to see the nag knocking his head on his nagin.

On social media we see that many times videos and photos are going viral, but once again the video of snake and naagin is going viral. In which the snake seems to be crying by knocking its head on its lover.

We laugh when we see the fight between the snake and the snake and we also laugh after the death of the snake, the attack of the snake or the death of the snake, we laugh when we see it in movies and serials. But such a case has also been seen in a real life.

This incident was seen in Badayu of UP. In which, bearing the shock of Nagin's death, who died in the attack of Noliya, became heavy for Nagaraj and for that he beat his head and bled.

This is from Nagla Dallu village in Bisli police station area of ​​UP. A pair of cobras lived in a field in the village for many years but till today they were not harmed. But for the last two days, Nolio followed them and started attacking Nagin. And finally Nagi gave up his life due to repeated attacks of Nolia.

વીડિયો જોવા માટે - અહી ક્લિક કરો

Shortly after Nagin's death, Nagaraj came and was shocked to see his wife dead and the video of him crying while banging his head is going viral. We do not prusthi about this video
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