The juice of this leaf is beneficial for more than 20 diseases, know its Ayurvedic remedies.

We know that many benefits of Ayurvedic treatment have been mentioned in our Puranas as well. Most of the diseases that occur in our body can be cured by home remedies. Our sages have taught us how to do this treatment.

By eating nagarvel leaves, nagarvel leaves are a panacea remedy for bad breath, lack of taste in food, excess sweetness and loss of appetite. This leaf contains a special type of oily substance. Due to which the mouth is cleaned. The juice of betel leaves enters the stomach and cleanses the stomach. 

Nagarvel is called Panni type of vel. Which are called in two varieties. One is called Kapuri and another Malabari. Camphor leaves are tender and cooling. Bengali leaves are bigger in size and more spicy. Bengali leaves are a bile producing agent to clear diarrhea.

Applying castor oil on castor leaves and tying it on warm chest relieves cough. Extracting the juice of two to three leaves of nagarvel and rubbing it in the nose cures cough. Mixing nagarvel root in a pot and licking it with methi honey gives relief from cough. 

When the patient has difficulty in breathing, drinking the juice of nagarvel leaves relieves the pain in the throat and also releases phlegm. Licking the juice of two to five leaves with honey cures dry cough in this disease.

Many people experience bleeding gums. If you also have such a problem, boiling nagarvel leaves in water and rinsing with its leaves is beneficial. In this way Nagarvel is useful to us in many ways.
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