The two teachers stopped teaching and did such a thing that everyone watched.

We see many photos and videos going viral on social media. Many times work videos and factual videos are going viral on social media and sometimes funny videos are also going viral.

Songs dance and funny videos go viral on social media Meanwhile, a video is going viral which people love to watch In which two female teachers of a school are seen doing each other's work and sometimes they keep going out In a school in UP, a video of two female teachers talking to Nani Amthi is going viral.

Two women were fighting till late when the boys flocked to see these photos of Nani Amthi Vata Dev in Desi Cow School. And even though two teachers intervened to save him, even though he did not believe that, he was fighting like this for many times and finally got tired and let go, he satisfied his ego by fighting, but in the meantime, he lost his education. 

વિડિયો જોવા માટે- અહી ક્લિક કરો

After this video went viral on social media, the country's comments are coming up on social media. One day, if one commented, nothing, only the English guardian spoke to the Hindi guardian madam in English. Not only this, people this video. After watching the video, social media users are also seen making jokes and are talking about firing these two teachers who are in charge of children's career and studies.

Many people are also saying that if they are doing such work as teachers, then many people are also criticizing the teachers for giving good education to these children.
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