ISRO will launch Chandrayaan-3 on July 14

ISRO announced that Chandrayaan will be launched on July 14, complete information about Chandrayaan is given in this article. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman S Somnath said on Monday that Chandrayaan 3 will be launched on July 14 for a soft landing on the moon. It's July. “We will be able to do a soft landing on the moon. The launch day is July 14, it may go up to the 19th," ISRO chairman S Somnath said on the launch of Chandrayaan 3 while talking to ANI.

On which date will Chandrayaan be launched?

He said that the launch date will be July 14. However, it may go up to July 19.

Earlier on June 28, Indian Space Research Organization Chairman S Somnath revealed that Chandrayaan 3 testing has been completed and the window of opportunity for launch is targeted between July 12 and 19.

“Currently, the Chandrayaan 3 spacecraft is fully integrated. We have completed the test and also mated with the rocket compartment… Currently, the window of opportunity for launch is between July 12 to 19 and we will take it as soon as possible, maybe the 12th, maybe the 13th or maybe the 14th. We will announce the exact date after all the tests are completed,” Somnath told ANI.

The main objective of Chandrayaan 3

“We have introduced the Artemis Accord to the US. Looking at it as a political alliance with. It is a statement of intent that when the US is proposing cooperative work in space, particularly for the exploration of the outer planets in a very cordial environment between different nations, we agree with that. So that's a big statement. We are in the US. Want to work together, especially on technologies that are high-end and space is one of them. It will open up opportunities for Indian industries working in the space sector. Work with US companies that are doing similar things in the space sector,” he mentioned.


“So electronics, new processors, center advances in the US and the Indian company's access to these new technologies is very important for them to innovate and add value which will give them an opportunity to market in the US. market. This is certainly the aim of the US. So we want to ensure that Indian companies contribute to the US space program. Now that's no big deal.

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