Is your home fan spinning slowly, fix it like this

We know that currently the summer season is on. Then the heat has reached the sky. We use fan, AC and cooler at home to get relief from heat. So what should we do if the fan in the house is rotating very slowly. 

In addition, if the fan slows down in summer, people's problems increase. Every one of us has a ceiling fan in our house. But this fan starts rotating slowly after running for a long time and does not give good air. 

Lubrication inside the ceiling fan motor is very important for the fan to rotate smoothly. Without proper lubrication, the moving parts inside the motor begin to dry out. In such a situation, the fan speed is also affected. However, for this, repair the fan by applying new lubrication.

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One of the reasons for slow fan speed is that sometimes the fan screws come loose while running. This often happens when the fan is not installed by experts. If there is any strange noise coming from the fan, check the screw once. This is also very important from the safety point of view.
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