Home remedies are more effective than medicine

In our Puranas, a lot of importance is explained about Ayurveda and indigenous medicine. With indigenous medicine, we can cure many diseases at home. We know that in earlier times, when there were no hospitals, even our ancestors used to cure many diseases at home with natural herbs and indigenous medicine.
Currently, when we get many diseases like cold cough indigestion, we bring medicine from the dispensary, but we can cure such diseases at home with native plants. Among the indigenous herbs, nagvel leaves are considered excellent in this indigenous remedy. 

Nagvel leaf is useful for us to cure many diseases. It has properties to cure many diseases. It contains sources like calcium which works to remove the weakness in our body. It also contains vitamins like thiamine and carotene. which is very useful for our body.

The aromatic oil in the leaves of nagvel clears the bronchial tubes and cures phlegm. Little children get relief from indigestion and regurgitation by mixing honey in nagvel leaves and licking them.
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