Forecast of heavy rain in Gujarat, Meteorological Department has made a big prediction regarding the rain.

A big prediction has been made regarding the rains in Gujarat. We know that it has been raining continuously for the last one month in Gujarat. Megh Meher has occurred in more than 260 talukas of Gujarat. Reservoirs in most parts of Gujarat are full, dams and lakes in South Gujarat are overflowing, while most reservoirs in North Gujarat are empty. At present, good amount of rain has been received in Tharad, Vav area in Banaskantha Panthak of North Gujarat and new water has come in Dantiwada Dam of Banaskantha. Then the meteorological department has again predicted heavy rain in Banaskantha, Patan, Kheda districts. 
As Meghraja has sounded the alarm in 231 talukas of Gujarat, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain for the next two days. At that time, heavy rainfall has been predicted in areas like Dwarka, Valsad, Jamnagar, Bharuch by Banaskantha, Patan, and Saurashtra of North Gujarat. 

Ahmedabad has also received good amount of rain for two days. While the farmers were happy due to the good income of water in the Ukai Dam, the system has also gone awry regarding the forecast of the Meteorological Department for the next two days, while the low-lying areas have been instructed to evacuate.
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