If you are having gas in stomach then do this home remedy and it will get cured immediately.

God has given us a nice healthy body and we eat good food to keep this healthy body forever.  But many times when we get constipation or gas in our stomach, we get disturbed. If we get gas in stomach, we don't need to worry, we can cure it with home remedies. 
We know that in earlier times, our sages used to treat people at home through home remedies or cure people's diseases with native medicines, now we take medicines from hospitals but there are many diseases that we can cure by using native remedies. 

In our house, if we or any member of the house gets gas problem, now if someone gets gas problem, you don't need to worry, you can get rid of gas in few moments. If a person is fat or has eaten heavy food in the meal then usually there is a problem of gas. If you want to get rid of gas, take a glass of water and add some cumin seeds to it, put a piece of cinnamon in it and heat it. till it becomes red in color. 

After it is heated, take it off the stove, add some lemon and sanchal powder to it and let it cool down, then drinking it will cure acidity and stomach gas and will also give you relief if you suffer from constipation.
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