Auspicious moment of tying rakhi to brother

In Hinduism we celebrate many religions, we have many festivals and festivals in our country, in every religion we celebrate with enthusiasm, we also celebrate Rakshabandhan with enthusiasm. 

Rakshabandhan is a festival of brothers and sisters. Rakshabandhan falls on the Poonam day in the month of Shravan. On that day, the sister ties a rakhi to the brother and puts salt on his mouth. Along with offering the brother's aarti, he prays to God to give him a long life and brother and sister. gives a gift. 

Rakshabandhan starts on 11th August during which Muharta is considered inauspicious. So tying rakhi on that day is considered inauspicious.  

The full moon will start from 10:38 AM on Thursday 11 August 2022 and last till 7 AM the next day, 12 August 2022. And the period of Bhadra will continue till Purnima. In such a situation, sisters will be able to tie rakhi after 8:51 pm on 11th August.
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