Gir national park Shih darahan shasan Junagadh

In the entire Asian continent, lions are found only in Sasan, Gujarat, India.  We know that day and day forests are getting cut down and urbanization is going on due to increasing population and people are cutting forests for their own selfishness and because of this it is affecting the nature.  Due to the destruction of forests, the earth is warming and the animals living in the forests are being destroyed.

While many animals have become extinct from the forests, the lion is found only in the forests of Gujarat and that too only in the Sasan Gir forest, so the Shashan Gir forest has been declared a national park by the central government. 

A national park is a strictly regulated park with strict restrictions on human habitation and logging of forests. The animals living in it are taken care of.  

The lions living in the forests of Gujarat are taken care of by the forest department day and night and if any natural calamity befalls them or they fall ill, they are given immediate treatment.
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