Parle G Biscuit prices fall amid inflation.

We know that Parle G Biscuits also increased its price when the inflation is increasing day by day but now Parle G Biscuits is thinking to reduce the price. It is learned from the company owner that it will reduce its prices in the next few months. 

We know that Parle G Biscuits are known by its name all over the country and the world. Parle G has the highest reputation as the company that sells the most biscuits in the country. Parle G has been selling biscuits since years and produces many different products of its own but Parle G Biscuits are very famous. 

When the company owner was asked why the company is thinking of reducing the price of biscuits even though the inflation is increasing, he replied that now the prices of wheat and oil are gradually decreasing, so the company is also increasing the weight and reducing the portion of biscuits. thinking

The company had raised prices by 10 percent since November last year due to the economic crisis and decline in exports due to the lockdown. Now that the price of crude oil has decreased, the company will reduce the price.
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