The list of BJP candidates in the assembly election has been announced.

We know that our country is a democratic country and in a democratic country, the candidate chosen by the people takes power. Various types of elections are held in every state and district in India. At that time, the dates for the assembly elections in Gujarat have been fixed, and all the parties have started their preparations. 

Congress and Aam Aadmi Party have decided many of their real candidates for the assembly elections in Gujarat. Then the BJP has announced the first list of candidates and decided them as candidates for the assembly elections. 

There are 182 seats for assembly elections in Gujarat and elections for these seats are held every 5 years. BJP forms the government in assembly elections for a long time. People are curious about who will form the government this time. Assembly elections are to be held in the month of December, voting is on 5th December and the results will be declared on 8th December. 

Former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and former Chief Minister Vijay Rupani have refused to contest the Gujarat Assembly elections. Besides, many other ministers have refused to contest the election. People are talking about who will form the government in the 2022 elections. BJP has also given tickets to many new candidates so people will decide who will win and who will lose.
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