In the budget of the year 2023, so many things will be expensive and so many things will be cheap.

The budget for the year 2023 has been allocated in our country. Due to this budget, the finance minister has reduced the customs duty of many items and increased the customs duty of many items in order to accelerate the development works in our country. 

The budget has been presented in Parliament today. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented her fifth budget. Many big announcements have been made in Union Budget 2023. Which will also affect the pocket of common people a lot. In today's budget we will discuss which items will be expensive and which items will be cheaper. 

The central government has once again increased the budget of the railways. The Finance Minister has said that a total of 2.4 lakh crore rupees will be allotted to the Railways. This will work on all the plans. 

The Union Finance Minister said that we will continue to give free food grains to the needy people. During the corona epidemic, we have decided that no one's stomach should remain empty. Those who get the benefit of free grains will continue to get it till the next year. 

What will happen is cheap.

• Electric vehicle
• Items related to biogas
• mobile phone
• camera
• laptop
• farme parts
• TV parts
• battery
• mobile spare parts
• toys, cycle

What will happen is coast

• sigarat
• kittech chimani
• mess
• compound rubber
• x ray machine
• silver, gold
• platinum
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