Conjunctivitis is a viral eye disease

 On Monday i.e. yesterday, 90 cases of eye infection have been reported in Civil Hospital of Ahmedabad. Dr. Swati Ravani, eye surgeon regarding 'viral conjunctivitis', said that if we talk about the symptoms of this disease, it is very important to be careful to avoid eye redness, watery eyes and itching.

Not to shake hands with each other, not to move in a crowd, he further said, take medicine only after showing it to the doctor. He further added that this problem subsides on its own within five to seven days.

Personal hygiene is the most important thing to prevent viral conjunctivitis. In which to keep your hands and mouth clean, wash your hands and mouth periodically with soap. Especially in crowded places like hotels, hostels, gatherings, theatres, ST stands, railway stations, malls, etc. one should pay special attention to cleanliness in public places and avoid going to and from such places if possible.

If there is redness, pain or inflammation in the eyes, go to the nearest ophthalmologist for treatment. Do not take eye drops from a medical store on your own without consulting a doctor. It is necessary to wash hands with soap before and after applying the drops prescribed by the doctor.

In addition, if any member of the family is affected by conjunctivitis, he should keep his hand handkerchief, bath towel and all personal items apart and try to avoid contact with others.

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