MagicCall App 2023

 The name of this app is Magic Call Voice Changer App by which you can change your voice. Now we will know what is Magic Call App and whether Magic Call App is free.

What is Magic Call App?

Magic Call is an app that lets you change your voice to girl, man, santa claus and kids while calling. Not only this, you can also set traffic, rain, mountain and car sounds in your background with this app.

How to Sign Up in Magic Call App?

First open Magic Call App

Now accept the term and condition

Then enter mobile number and click on Get OTP

After that enter OTP and click on OK button

How to run Magic Call App?

In the first option, you see the history of when you have bought credit points, you cannot make mutual calls without credit points.

In the second option, you see the recharge button from which you can recharge. That is, you can buy credit points. The first time you sign up, you are given three credit points.

In the third option you see the game hub button i.e. you can play games in it and on the homepage you see voice and background voice options.

How to make a call in Magic Call App?

On the home page you see two buttons one for voice call and the other for background, if you want to call and change your voice then you have to select the voice like Santa Claus or Female,

When you click on the voice button, then two more buttons appear in front of you, one to make a call and the other to listen to that voice, how the voice is heard.

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Magic Call Apk

When you click on the call button, you will see the number saved in the mobile and you can call by selecting the number. As soon as you end the call, one of your credit points is used.

In the same way, when you select any voice in the background, then that voice is heard while calling in your background.

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Magic Call App Unlimited Credits

When you sign up, you get 3 free credits that you can use to make calls. If you want to buy points from this app then you can buy.


If you want to talk with your friend in a different voice then you can use Magic Call App. The drawback of this app is that you are given only 3 points, so you can call three times, but you can buy more credit points if you want.

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