Ambalal Patel's big prediction about rain

We know that now the summer season is going on, weather expert Ambalal Patel has made a big prediction regarding the rains amid the scorching heat of summer. Ambalal Patel has predicted heavy rains in the coming days. 

Meteorologist Ambalal Patel has predicted cloudy weather between April 26 and 28. From 28th to 29th, the temperature will increase in central Gujarat, the temperature may rise to 43 to 45 degrees. Some areas may experience rain with thunderstorm during May 10 to 14. 

Currently, the wedding season is going on in many areas. People are worried about the rain forecast. But the good news for the farmers is that their crops can be protected from the summer heat. 

Ambalal Patel also predicts thunderstorms and tornadoes among the rain forecast. You will get rid of heat in the midst of cloudy weather. Predictions made by Ambalal Patel come true. In that, once again Ambalal Patel has made a big prediction.
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