Install the cheapest solar panel at home.

The world now runs on tires and wires. So nowadays we cannot live even a minute without light. We all know what happens to us if there is no light for a minute in the house. At present the summer season is going on and summer cannot go without a fan. If the AC fan is on in the house, the light bill is also high. So, the government has come up with a huge scheme to get rid of this light bill. 

If you want to adopt a cheap and effective way to reduce the electricity bill in your home, you can install solar panels in your home for Rs 1550. In this package you will get complete set with solar panel inverter and battery. In this way you can also reduce the electricity bill in your home. 

The range of installing solar panels at home is very high. This is why people have a big problem to install it. But with genius' eco friendly solar combo package you can buy it in less budget. Apart from this, its big benefit is also related to the environment. 

By purchasing genius' solar combo package you get complete solution only 25 thousand. It includes a 150ah tubular battery and a 165 watt battery. In it you can provide up to 600 watts of power without any load.
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