Add new name in ration card online at home. Learn step by step information

We keep many documents in our house and also keep government certificates. Then every house in India must have a ration card. A ration card is an identification card issued by the Food Department of the Government of India to provide government benefits to poor families. With this card we can buy food grains from any cheap price shop in India.

The ration card contains the name of each of our members but we often have to remove the name from the ration card or add a new name. For this process of ration card we have to rush to the government office but now you don't need to go to the government office if you want to add the name of a new member in your ration card you can also add it online. We will know step by step information how to add name in ration card. 

Which documents are required: 

  • Main ration card is required to add name to ration card. If a child is born and his/her name is to be added then the child's birth certificate and Aadhaar card of the child's parents. 
  • If the name of a newly married woman is to be added in the house, the example of name reduction in the woman's Aadhaar card, marriage certificate, ration card.

How to add new name in Ration Card online: 

1 To add name in ration card first of all you have to go to website of food department of Gujarat government. 
First of all you have to create a login ID for this website. If you have created a login ID then login. 

2 On this page you will see an option Click on Add New Member. 

3 After that a form will open in which the information of the new member has to be filled.

4 After filling this form, copies of required documents have to be uploaded. 

5 After this process you have to click submit. 

6 After that your application will be checked and after that if the application is approved you will get your new ration card through post. 

 As mentioned above you can add name in ration card at home.  To which you can add the name of your child or spouse

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