Under Water Metro Train Video

 India First Underwater Metro train Route And Timing: With the increasing scope of the metro train, soon it will start running on the metro from under water as well. In this episode, India's first underwater metro train will also be started soon. Let us tell you that the testing of this train has been done on April 9 from inside the tunnel built in Hooghly of Kolkata Metro. During this, it has been passed inside the tunnel built in the Hooghly river. Please tell that there will be a total of 6 cases in this metro. Along with this, many other facilities have also been specially taken care of.

metro train will run under water soon

A 6-coach metro train has been prepared under the Kolkata East-West Metro Project. This train will run on a short distance between East West Metro Corridor Section-V station and Sealdah connecting Howrah Maidan and Sector-V in Salt Lake. Explain that during the testing, this metro train with 2 coaches has been kept on trial between Esplanade and Howrah Maidan, a distance of 4.8 kilometers.

The country's first metro started from Kolkata

Please tell that the country's first metro also started from Kolkata. The first metro started operating in Kolkata in the year 1984. After Kolkata, Metro started in Delhi in the year 2002. In such a situation, where Kolkata became the mother of the country's first metro, now the country's first underwater metro is also being started from Kolkata itself. With this, two histories will be registered in the name of Kolkata in the history of Metro.

Under Water Metro Train Video

Under Water Metro Train Video - Click Here

The first metro was started in Kolkata

Underwater Metro will run from December 2023

According to media reports, KMRC says that the operation of India's first underwater metro train East-West Metro Corridor is not expected to be completed till December 2023. At present, the work on underwater metro operation is going on on a war footing. The sight of this train will take people on a tour of London-Paris. Sitting inside the metro, you will be able to see the deep ocean while being 13 meters below the bed of the Hungli river.

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